M. Ramirez

Everything is great here. The food is fresh and very tasty. I have been coming here for the past two years, and the new ownership has made a lot of improvements. I had the Enchilada plate and enjoyed my meal greatly. They have a great variety of different plates, so if you want to taste 100% authentic Mexican Food, Chili Peppers is the right place to go. Also, they are all very friendly and it is a nice local place to go.

 Sam Keller

What can I say about Chili Peppers Restaurant, except it ROCKS! It is by far my most favorite Mexican Restaurant! I have never had a better chicken burrito! mmmm...mouthwatering just thinking about it! chicken, cheese beans (whole beans).....let's talk salsas... the cooks delicious salsa mixed with their hot chunky salsa is the ultimate in yummy, flavorful, spicy salsaness!!! (is that a word). I've had their quesadillas...they are really good too. The carne asada tacos rock as well. They have a little bit for everyone, bring your children and they too will leave very happy.

 Billy Heinrich

This is one of my favorite restaurants. I been a loyal customer since 2009. I love this food because it reminds me of some of that my mother cooked me when I was a child. The burritos are delicious. I recommend also the tamales, they are yummy to my tummy. If you have room for more food, please try the tacos, they are to die for.

 Maria Gonzalez

I LOVE Chili Peppers Restaurant! It's become one of my favorite go to spots in Ventura County. The staff and the owner are very nice and helpful and the food is delicious. If you come here DEFINITELY try the Camarones Rancheros, or the Chile Verde plate. I heard that the fajitas de camarones are wonderful too, but I haven't tried them yet. If you're a fan of tamales as well, they have the best tamales in Camarillo.